El Dorado Garbage Disposals

How to Maintain your El Dorado Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are what allow homeowners to rinse small particles of food down the drain while washing dishes. Back when disposals were not available, it was imperative that all food and debris be washed from dishes prior to rinsing them in the sink. When food particles or debris become lodged in the drain, this can cause a significant drainage issue and often will lead to a clog. Even with a garbage disposal, our El Dorado plumbers recommend following the important Do's and Don'ts of garbage disposal use to prevent having to replace your disposal or pipes later.

Tip 1:

Garbage Disposal

Grind any food in the disposal using a moderate amount of water. This will prevent the disposal from overheating and burning out.

Tip 2:

Always flush your disposal after each use. You can do this by allowing the water and disposal to run several seconds after all of the food has been grinded down and washed away. Flush your disposal after each run of the dishwasher as well to prevent food buildup from the dishwasher's backflow.

Tip 3

Use Lemon juice to freshen up the garbage drain Since grease and food go down the drain, use a small fruit peel or ΒΌ cup of lemon juice at least once a week to freshen the smell inside the disposal drain.

Tip 4:

El Dorado Plumbers install insinkerator garbage disposalsThe fats from your everyday refuse can quickly accumulate and clog the drainage pipe, so use a disposal cleaner or degreaser monthly to prevent any heavy buildup from inside the apparatus.  

Tip 5:

fibrous vegetables damage garbage diposals

Never attempt to grind overly fibrous material such as artichokes, celery, etc. Doing this can cause a significant drain blockage in your disposal.

Tip 6:

line of disposalsNever pour grease in any form down the disposal drain. If there is congealed grease in pots and pans, wipe it out with a paper towel prior to rinsing the dishes in the sink.

If you notice a burning smell or a weird sound coming from your garbage disposal, it is time to contact your El Dorado plumbing specialist. Though your disposal may just need something as simple as a drain cleanout, other times this means something is lodged in the motor and needs to be removed before burning out.

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